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Passing through south county Dublin, the route runs between the Dublin mountains and the Sea Coast to the seaside resort of Bray, County Wicklow. Soon after leaving Bray, the road begings to climb, first ascending between the Great and Little Sugar Loaf mountains, and then following the road steadily through the rugged Rocky Valley, cut on the flank of the Sugar Loaf mountain, affording views of the ever changing scenery.

Then on to the heather-clad stretch of Calary bog (plain) with glimpses of Djouce Mountain, where the well known Wicklow Way walking route transcends. Next seen are the Roundwood Vartry Resevoirs (lakes). Pausing a while in Roundwood (reputed to be the highest village in Ireland), the journey continues through the winding Annamoe valley, into Laragh village, where the full vale of Glendalough unfolds itself, culminating in the famous views of the Round Tower.

Your stay at Glendalough, affords you the ooportunity to explore some, if not all the St. Sevin Churches, where a Monastic settlement grew up around St. Kevin in the 6th century and to dwell awhile on the enchanting shores of the two lakes.

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Bus Stops, for bus stops between Dublin (St. Stephen’s Green North) and Glendalough the bus only stops on request.

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Bus Stops

Dublin Terminus

St. Stephen’s Green North opposite Stephen’s Court

Bray Terminus

Stops in Bray at ‘The Town Hall’

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Day Trips
From Dublin Terminus 11.30 Everyday

(St. Stephen’s Green North, opposite Stephen Court (Starbucks)) Return Fare : € 23.00
Single Fare : € 14.00

From Bray Terminus 12.10 Everyday

(Town hall)
Return Fare : € 16.00
Single Fare : € 10.00


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